We reduce our clients' musculoskeletal spending


"H&D Health is leading the value based healthcare revolution by creating a personal and effective patient experience while decreasing musculoskeletal costs to the employer"

Our Comprehensive Model Promotes a culture of wellbeing



Musculoskeletal risk & claims analysis


Evidence based musculoskeletal care on-site or near-site


Close tracking of service utilization and spending


Targeted health programs specific to the organization's risks and spending


H&D Embraces a Proactive Approach to Musculoskeletal pain & Injury

We are substantially impacting our clients’ bottom line.

The power of our approach has already been proven through services that show exceptional utilization, cost-savings, and improved employee productivity. 


The service provided is outstanding and appreciated by all of our staff
— Global Director of Benefits and Compensation


H&D can reduce the annual cost of physical therapy by 80%

In 2014, one of our corporate clients compared the cost of 1400 physical therapy visits managed through the employee health insurance plan compared to another 1400 visits delivered directly by H&D.


Overall Cost

Insurance Plan:  $470,000

H&D:  $93,000


# Sessions Per Case

Insurance Plan:  17

H&D:  13


Cost Per Session

Insurance Plan:  $335

H&D:  $66


Cost Per Case

Insurance Plan:  $5700

H&D:  $858


Time Away From Desk

Insurance Plan:  25.5 hours per case

H&D:  6.5 Hours per case



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